Monday, March 28, 2011

Design Wall Monday - Harriet's Triple Rail Fence

Harriet's Triple Rail Fence from
"Quilter's Academy" Vol. 1

Here's the results thus far.

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The first recipe posted is Grandma Block's Sour Cream Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting - delicious!


  1. Good start on your rail fence quilt. I'm interested in seeing how it develops.

  2. Love the fabrics you've chosen for your triple rail fence... looking forward to updates!

  3. Please keep checking back - I'll definitely post updates with a bit of a tutorial on Harriet's tips for perfection!

  4. , so you get a pleasing evergreen "coat" to disguise your fence with. In any case, you avoid the problem you get with climbers where they're forever climbing next door. fence replacement


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