Saturday, March 19, 2011

It was a Happy National Quilting Day!

I hope that National Quilting Day was good to you!  I know it was good to me!  I can honestly say that I haven't enjoyed myself as much as I have today while spending time with family and friends sewing from 10 am 'til 10 pm!  It was "sewing heaven" :-)

Please let me introduce you to Dia, who brought her sewing gear and cut out and sewed together twenty blocks for a beautiful new quilt top today!  Here we gals are eating lunch my DD made for us - chicken salad in half a cantaloupe :-)

Here's the first finish of the day:  pillow case for charity.  
Million Pillow Case Challenge from

Dia is such a ray of sunshine!
It was great spending the day together with her :-)

Dia caught me in the middle of the second of 
three pillow case finishes today.  
This pillow case is of football fabric 
for my son Rodger, age 9.

This ain't Rodger, but our little Dachsie Gunnar tried out Rodger's new pillow and case and heartily approved!

Dia triple-tasking!
1.  piecing
2.  drinking coffee
3.  handling things at home
and all with a smile!  

Dia likes to use the McCall's Quick Quilts magazines.

Today, she decided to use the "Hearthside Quintet"
pattern, but chose her own fabrics in browns and pinks.
I really love her choices!

Aren't they fabulous together?!?

And they are also fabulous together!!  LOL

Speaking of fabulous pairs, these are, too!!
Here's my daughter's new body pillow case
her boyfriend is modeling.

National Quilting Day was sew much fun!
Can't wait 'til next year!!
Hope yours went well, too...
I'm planning on some rest
and blog hopping time tomorrow since it's Sunday.

Please leave comments - Dia and I will enjoy reading them - thank you!


  1. What a fun day you had. Please keep writing about your Quilters Academy work. I have just started and am getting ready to fussy cut the horses for my Cowboy Quilt. I am following you and the other QA bloggers. I do not blog. I am computer challenged. But I love, love, love quilting and am very excited about Harriet's books. Thank you for your input into my experience.

  2. I will be happy to continue blogging about my lessons from Harriet and Carrie Hargrave, so please keep checking back. Leaving comments is very encouraging to me - thank you!


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