Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm in LOVE with this GORGEOUS bag! Had to share!

Isn't this THE most GORGEOUS bag you've EVER seen?!?!?

 OMG - I saw this and ordered the pattern and am on the hunt for the Henry Glass fabric called "Elizabeth's Letters" to make it.  You've really GOT to see this - AMAZING!!!   http://jillilystudio.blogspot.com/


  1. I love the bag too... and did a quilt online search and found: http://www.tranquilityquilts.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi?cart_id=8446753.30823.s0&product=henry_glass_main&productid=5260-9&sales=0&lastmenu=

    You may have other options, this was just the first one to pop up...

  2. Thank you for looking out for me, Empress! Are you going to make this bag with the Elizabeth's Letters fabric, too? It would be sew much fun to compare notes on our blogs! I already ordered the pattern from Kati Cupcakes. The pattern is called "My Favorite Bag".

  3. I got the pattern today! 3/31/11 Now to get the fabric!!


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