Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Goodies for Grandson's Birthday

At the February Joan Friedrich Embroidery Retreat, we practiced machine embroidery and one of the projects was a size 4 T-shirt with a monkey - well, that was perfect for my little grandson's 4th birthday, so I ran with the theme and found "Ten Little Monkeys" at www.amazon.com, a little monkey to play with and then tied a fleece quilt for him with monkeys that say "Go Bananas", plus found a card in Hallmark that fit right in! 

 I hope he'll enjoy his birthday presents :-)

What ideas do you have for little gals and guys when it's birthday time?

Thank you for sharing :-)


  1. How cute!! Your grandson is certainly lucky to have such a loving and caring grandmother. Last year for my grandson's birthday, the theme was Winnie the Pooh. Since I don't have an embroidery machine, my friend let me embroider a special towel for Jonathan. He loved it!!

  2. Thanks, Rhonda! Winnie the Pooh is such a cute theme - I'll bet he loved it!

  3. Very cute monkeys! Bet he loves everything!

  4. Thanks, Sunflower Patch! I sure am hoping he'll enjoy it!


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