Monday, March 14, 2011

It's here!! The QA Jr. Year has arrived!!

100th Post Give-Away!
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The postman arrived!
Look where it's from!!!!
Aw, man...Harriet and Carrie signed my copy of their newest release of "Quilter's Academy Vol. 3 - Junior Year" 
(tears :-)  sniff.... happy :-)

Carrie's Corral Quilt from Vol. 1 is next on my month of March list to complete!


The local quilt shop had all their fabrics for $6.99/yd today, so I thought I'd pick up CUTE fabric I've had my eyes on for quite some time - and using these 99 cent McCall's patterns from Hancock's I picked up on sale yesterday....
I decided to make a few things for my kitchen, dining and sewing room areas...
an apron, oven mitt, two potholders, new valance and cafe curtains for the kitchen window, a sewing machine cover, table runner, plastic bag holder , and...
a tea cozy!
**Madame Samm is so inspiring :-)
Have you been to her blog site to see the adorable cozies she creates?**
(Yes, I know it says "Caffeine Cafe", but technically,
tea has caffeine, too, right?!?)
I picked up some coordinating fabrics....
and plan to use the blue plaid for the tea cozy :-), golden cups fabric for the curtains, etc. 
When it's done, I'll have to make a photo shoot to share with all you readers in blog land!!

MUG RUG:  Here I come!
Impera_Magna:  this is for real this time :-)

(drum roll, please...)
for the unveiling of my "masterpiece" :-)
The nine squares that represent Jan, Feb and March
for the Civil War Chronicles BOM by Homestead Hearth.
My template worked really well for the four diagonal stripes -
"Look Ma, no seams!"

But, more importantly, it's beginning to take shape...
thank goodness it gets bigger, though :-)
Here's my DH
Just nine months more....

Do you know which block(s) will be coming in the month of April?!?  
I checked out the Homestead Hearth website and couldn't find a thing!
There wasn't anything under Google Images, either :-(

Someone out there must know....
c'mon, please share if you do!

My guess for April are the N, S, E, W lavendar blocks...
which do you think will be for April?


  1. I didn't even know there was such a book. Is it good...are you learning lots? Should I get it???

  2. Your CWC looks great! Your hubby definitely needs a bigger quilt. LOL!

    I have been trying to figure out what is in store for us next month too. Your guess sounds pretty good.

  3. Isn't it a good thing this quilt is going to get much bigger? My DH is 6'2", so it is a concern :-) You think the lavendar comes next, too, eh? I'm going to keep "peeking" online - maybe someone somewhere will leak some info? When I find out for sure, I'll post it here at rocknquilts!
    Thanks, Mary Ann


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