Friday, March 4, 2011

March TO DO List (incl. CWC BOM March notes)

It's the beginning of March and I've been "out of commission" for the past 10 days or so due to flu, so since I'm beginning to feel better, it's time to get busy!

Here's what I have in mind to accomplish this month:

1.  Civil War Chronicles March BOM (4) and putting sewing the first three months' together - no special instructions for AccuQuilt this month - just put the square together in four parts, making your HST just like the ones from February with the AccuQuilt cutter.  There are no special flying geese like there were for February.  I plan on making four top left squares, four top right squares, four bottom left squares and four bottom right squares, sewing them all together into four separate blocks as below and then will sew the first nine blocks all together into a mini quilt top.  The fabrics are directional, so keep an eye especially on the larger pieces of fabric (the blue reserved from January and the large diagonal, so that they will be running the same direction in all four March blocks.  The large, three-piece diagonal running from bottom left through the block up to the bottom of the top right will have to be fussy cut to ensure that the pieces are running the correct direction throughout the block.

P.S.  I would just LOVE to have no seams running through that long diagonal, but am not quite sure....
maybe I'll have to "play" with that and create a template from paper before cutting that fabric out...let me know what your ideas are....

2.  Pillow case for my nine year old son from this cute football-themed fabric:

3.  Pillow case for my 17 year old daughter to match her graduation quilt:

4.  Complete purse from Feb. Embroidery Retreat

5.  Finish Carrie's Cowboy Corral quilt top

6.  Begin the next "Quilter's Academy Vol. 1 Freshman Year" chapter

Harriet's Triple Rail Fence
with the following holiday fabric:

7.  On March 11th, I will send off the Apron Swap package to Donna! 
(this is a total secret, so sorry, no pics!!)
Oh, I just have to give you at least a 'sneak' peek!!
Here you are:

8.  ?? and this may have to wait for April, but since I picked up embroidery machine supplies at last weekend's Joan Friedrich's embroidery machine retreat, I'm going to complete a T-shirt for my youngest grandson Aaron using my Babylock Ellageo embroidery machine:

The monkey is cute, but I want to put words on it, too...
"Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed.
One fell off and bumped his head..."
"Grandma goes ape for Aaron"
any ideas for me??

PLUS:  Today in the March/April 2011 of McCall's Quilting magazine, I found these absolutely ADORABLE place mats/napkins by designer Stephanie Sims called "Cafe Espresso" which is right up my alley...yes, I admit it:  I am addicted (at least a bit) to Starbuck's!

Happy creating!


  1. That's quite a list you have going there. I look forward to seeing it completed.

    I am going to pick up my CWC block tomorrow and hope to get started on it on Sunday morning. Another gazillion HST's I see.

  2. Only one gazillion HST's this month! LOL!!! There are more than last time, so I am very grateful to be using the AccuQuilt to get through them all without pulling the muscles in my thumb again. My little boy has me adding one more thing to my list of things to do for March: we're going to make a Star Man plush (think Mario Brothers/Nintendo stuff). Do you have any ideas for creating one long piece instead of three large triangles - or do you think that a lack of seams would actually cause the quilt to stretch too much? Thanks for your comments, Yvette!

  3. Oh that monkey is so cute! Do you remember where you got it from? I'm making a sock monkey blanket for Connor's 3rd birthday and that would be too cute on the label for the back of his quilt. He also loves singing the 10 little monkey song with me. We change the words up and have actions to the song also.

  4. Hello! I mailed your apron and tuck-ins out to you about 2 days ago - I sure hope you'll like it! The little upsidedown monkey is on my flashdrive. Let me know what format you'd need and I'll send it to you as part of your presents! I also found flannel monkey fabric at JoAnn Fabrics that says "Go Bananas", so I'm going to make him a little floor quilt to go with his T-shirt.


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