Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hundred Waters Inspiration (Inspiriert von Hundertwasser)

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Perhaps you have been inspired by something when you create quilts?

For example, I see Civil War Fabrics and go crazy with ideas...

I see a cute monkey walking upside down with a smile on his face and go crazy designing a tie quilt for my grandson, an embroidered T-shirt, etc.

what types of things get your creativity going?

I was in Vienna, Austria a couple of years ago and remembered some very unusual buildings painted in an unusual style - quite beautiful, very bright, very different.

I would like to "introduce" you to a man who created these beauties...

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

An inner courtyard...

Hundertwasser was an expressionist painter who became famous in the 1960s in Austria.
He was convinced that people who had to live in cramped apartments that all looked the same actually became socially ill, so he took it upon himself to introduce the unusual and unexpected and began designing buildings and apartment that included nature, including water and plants - even trees on the rooftops!  
Every apartment had an accessible window.
The floors and staircases, steps, paths and walkways are all slightly uneven, so that you walk as if you're out in nature, not like on flat cement or pavement.

Can you imagine what applying these ideas would do for a quilt...or a mug rug?


What possibilities are lurking around you through art, architecture, patterns, nature, etc.?
Have you ever designed a quilt yourself?
Have you ever used a design that would be considered "different"?
If so, how do people react to your creation when they see it?

Many thanks for sharing :-)


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  2. Thank you, Quiltingranny! I'll be stopping by :-)

  3. Love your Hundertwasser pictures! Isn't his style amazing? I used to live in Austria for several years and also visited "his" thermal springs. Wow, you are right: what a potential for quiltS!


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