Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mario plushies galore! Starman tutorial

My nine year old son Rodger just loves Mario Bros. by Nintendo and has been collecting the plushies.  They are made rather poorly and I keep having to re-sew the seams.  When he wanted to order another one, I decided that I would buy the material and we'd make it together!  So, we bought enough material for him and a friend, and for the first time ever (beginner that I am), I tried freezer paper as a template.  I wanted to give it a trial run before attempting to cut out the template for the Civil War Chronicles BOM March.  I'm glad I did, because now I'll know what to expect when it comes to the CWC.

Super Starman Tutorial:
16" of yellow flannel or soft fabric for the body
one piece of white felt for gleam in the eyes
one piece of black felt for the eyes
3" of Stitch Witch
20" freezer paper (in with the Reynold's brand tin foil in your grocery store)
scissors for cutting paper
scissors for cutting fabric
yellow thread for the star body
black thread for the eyes (to reinforce, if you wish)
5 oz. of polyester fiberfil of your choice

First, take son or daughter along to the fabric store because they'll get to experience choosing their own plush fabric and will be happier (I hope!) with the end result.  My boy found the felt all on his own and he was so proud!  Anyways, be sure to stop off for a Starbuck's after the fact and get a nice, big caramel frappuccino for the sewing job ahead...

1.  form the "eyes" from the black flannel and the "gleam" in each eye from the white flannel - use the Stitch Witch to attach the white to the black fabric with your iron.

Using a long, clear 24" ruler (on the right), draw two triangles that are 16" all around onto freezer paper.  Cut out with paper scissors.  Tape together the two freezer paper triangles, checking with the ruler that each side will be as equal as possible.  (Now, Invincible Star has only five tips, but mine has six....reason one:  it was easier for me to figure out a six-sided star, and reason two:  it is an easy way for your child to hold onto the star when playing - if you believe all that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you, too!  LOL!!)
Anyhoo...improv was necessary for me :-)

Here are all four pieces of fabric cut out at once time - I used my new 8" Pfaff scissors that I won from the gift basket drawing from February, and it cuts like a "dream".  If I'm not careful, I'm afraid it would cut my fingers just as easily as it cuts through four layers of flannel like butter!  All was good - no cuts!

While your child is jumping around waiting for you to finish, send them out to fetch things like the Premium Polyester Fiberfil...also letting them color on the freezer paper and cut out shapes can be helpful (after a brief lecture explanation about the difference between paper and fabric scissors :-)

In the meantime, after sewing the right sides of the star together and leaving a 4" space open in one of the "legs" for stuffing, snip the tips and inner corners of the star so that when you turn it right-side-out, you can create nice points.

Here's a handy little tool for that, but you can improvise if you don't have one.

After your product has been thoroughly inspected  passed muster, attach the eyes by ironing them on with Stitch Witch.  You can also use black thread to reinforce, but it's best to wait and do so after your plushie has been stuffed.

Here's the part Rodger waited for for 30 very long minutes:  stuffing!

This is the frustrating fun part!

My little man now has his very own six-pointed five-pointed invincible star with "handle" to go with his purchased Yoshi.  If you want to create Yoshi all by yourself for your little one, please place the link to your tutorial here under comments - thanks!

Now, take two aspirins and lay down for a much-needed nap, then get busy on your Civil War Chronicles block whatever you had actually planned for today :-)  

It's fun to make the little ones happy - he so enjoyed this and we made a second one to give to his friend next door.  Let me know if you make this, too, and please post a link to your blog so I can see your results!

Happy creating!  Mary Ann from rocknquilts


  1. Thank you, kasthurirajam! It was fun to spend time together sewing with family. Are children in India also very interested in Nintendo, as they are here in the United States?


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