Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tie quilt tutorial - easy peasy!

Two tie quilts were finished today which will be mailed to Quilter's Newsletters in Colorado
and then mailed onto Japan from there.
(address below)

Here is a little tutorial for you
in case you'd like to make some tied fleece 'quick quilts', too...

I had two remnants of purple mottled 
and pink fleece in my stash.  
The purple was 1 yard and the pink 1 1/4" yards.
Since the pink was larger than the purple, there was enough
to cut out a heart from the pink.

At this point,
I changed to a zig-zag and loosened the tension on my machine to 2.
I sewed through all three pieces of fabric around the edges of the heart.

Here the two layers of fleece have been appliqued and 
the corners have been cut out, 2x2 approx.:

Now, cut along each side of the quilt approx. 2" deep.

After doing all that, then find a comfortable spot and tie the ends together.

Once tied, the quilt is complete!

Here's a good way to tie so that the color from underneath
shows on the top (right-handed):

1.  Pick up the top layer in your left hand
and the bottom layer in your right hand

2.  Make a knot and then

3.  flip the bottom color through the knot and

4.  pull it towards the top

5.  Repeat so it is double-knotted.

I recommend completing both long sides first, then
finishing with both short sides, which will have the most stretch.  There's usually so much stretch in the short sides, that I tie it more carefully, so as not to change the shape of the overall quilt.

6.  Finally, admire your tie-quilt!

I hope that a girl and a boy will enjoy these!

That address for donations to send quilts to Tsunami victims again follows...

Here is the mailing info as per the Quilters Newsletter

Send quilts of any size from baby to adult to:
Dana Jones
Quilters Newsletter
741 Corporate Circle, Suite A
Golden, CO 80401

• Mark your box: “Quilts for Japan.” (on the inside of the box instead of the outside has been suggested by bloggers)
• Send quilts as soon as possible and no later than April 30, 2011.
• Enclose your name, address, phone number, and email address with the quilts.

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